The Scorpiopod is a flat-bodied crawler submitted by MrSelfDestruct57 on 2017.07.27.

It locomotes by moving its legs inward to its center then outward again, propelling its body forward. Its head possibly serves as a balancing mechanism as it moves forward at fast rates.

It is currently being evolved.

Trivia Edit

  • It was named after its initial resemblance to a scorpion
  • It was the most fit of MrSelfDestruct57's very first evolution sequence in 3DVCE
  • It is missing one of its second-from-the-bottom legs, where there would normally be a 4th one there is none. This makes this creature asymmetrical.
  • It was born in generation 1 as an extremely rare mutation of the Protoscorpiopod (the most fit of generation 0):