Post your random creatures who look promising in this database! Note: random creatures who look good and move well should be included here.



Fragile Butterfly

Thin-Shelled Gravity Snail


Messy Tree

Overturned Spider

"Squirrel Frog"

Completed CreaturesEdit

Crawling Tree

Thin-Shelled Gravity Snail

Evolving Downloaded CreaturesEdit

After downloading or finding a creature, make an evolution. Stop the first creature when it is not completely evaluated and replace its file in the folder of the evolution's name in the bin folder called creature_00000 with your creature. After that set the population to a low number such as ten and the tournament number to the same number to avoid competition. The final step requires intervention if the creature does not perform well. The creature must be dragged as far as possible without killing it. Weed out any competitors' offspring in the next generation by holding on to a segment to immobilize it,  and the population and tournament size can be adjusted later when all creatures are the offspring of the selected creature.

Clonal population alternative Edit

Start a new evolution and save it with a name, then go to the "Settings" tab in the program > "Evolution and Creatures". In there, set your desired population number and the maximum generation. Then start the simulation and wait for the first generation to complete. After the first generation is completed, wait for the program to generate the gen1 creature0 (first creature from the second generation) and then stop the evolution and close the program. Go to the "bin" folder in your files and to your evolution folder, named by your evolution name, to the first generation folder, and replace each creature from the first generation with the creature you want to evolve. You should have 50 (or whatever population number) of the same creature in the first generation. Then open the program again, run the evolution, wait for the evaluation of the first creature in the second generation (the one you stopped earlier from developing) and wait for the program to go on to the second creature, which should look like the creature you copied earlier. Close everything again, and now replace creature0 from generation1 with again the creature you want to evolve. After that open again the program and run the evolution. You should have an entire pure generation of your creature which you want to evolve. Despite being a slower method, it can guarantee that the desired creature is not outcompeted by unwanted creatures.